David and Marko, two brothers born in Germany, known as the DJ Duo D&M, started their first tries in producing own tracks and djing electronic dance music in 2015.


What started as a hobby, has definitely developed into a serious DJ project during the past years. In their view, it is the result of tireless dedication, focus, discipline and patience, as well as their never ending love for music.


Through already numerous releases on well-known labels in the EDM scene, they've shaped their success with unique tracks in their preferred genres Big Room and Progressive House, which describe the heart of their work.


Playing their own music on small nationwide stages and and getting supported by big names like Maurice West, SaberZ, Wolfpack etc. it can be assumed that these guys are on the right track, always striving for professional and personal improvement.


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League of Lyons (shortened as L.O.L.) is a record label founded on January 1, 2017 by German electronic music DJ and record producer duo Lyonbrotherz.

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