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Exclusive interview: Lyonbrotherz discuss their upcoming projects & more

Daniel and Keven Lyon, also known asLyonbrotherz, are an electronic music duo from Germany. Drawing influences from different artists likeKSHMR,Blasterjaxx,Aviciiand evenKanye West, the self-considered ‘cousins in blood but brothers in music’, first started out with hip-hop. Back then, they focused on writing lyrics over other artists’ beats, but that didn’t match their vision. The turning point came when Daniel came back from an electronic music festival feeling amazed. He talked about it with his cousin and music partner Keven and everything changed.

Some years later, they have already made a name for themselves in the EDM scene. Having created their label League of Lyons and come up with ‘O’n’B’, a new genre mixing hip-hop with EDM, they have accomplished considerable achievements. Now, under their unique and iconic motto ‘Music Is Our Magic’, Lyonbrotherz are producing and releasing a wide variety of amazing tracks like ‘World of Fire‘, ‘Circles‘,  and their latest single ‘Liberty‘, which was released at the end of 2018. The track was well-received globally due to its infectious rhythm and uplifting synths.

We caught up with Lyonbrotherz to look back on their career so far and look towards their promising future.

Can you tell us a little bit about your career so far?

“That’s difficult for us because we’re doing so many things and what you can see so far is just the beginning.”

What made you decide to start producing together?

“The passion for music.”

Congrats on your latest hit ‘Liberty’. What was the inspiration behind the track?

“Thank you. The song was inspired by many things we had to handle in our past, some thoughts and decisions we had to make… some time we had to spend.”

Of all your tracks, ‘Liberty’ is by far the most vocal-heavy, are you planning to produce more vocal hits in the future?

“Yes, definitely.”

All of your releases are incredibly different. Is diversity important to you as artists?

“Yes, it is because music is more for us than just one style/genre. Music is life.”

Despite your diverse discography, you have an easily recognizable energy that is present in every track. Can you tell us a little more about your creative process?

“Sure we can. It starts all with an idea the rest are inspirations of the moment.”

For those who don’t already know, can you explain your ‘O’n’B’ genre?

“Let yourself be surprised. The first OnB track will be released this year.”

Do you have any new music in the pipeline?

“Yes we have some hot new tracks in the Lyonline ”

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

“Growing and looking for some hot collabs.”

Check out the duo’s latest release ‘Liberty‘ below.

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