German Duo Natixx Create Perfect "Harmony" in New Future House and Trance Hybrid

Working with Lyonbrotherz' League of Lyons imprint, Natixx hit the dance floor with their hot new record "Harmony"

Straight out of Germany, emerging DJ/producer duo Natixx (real names Florian Griese and Matthias Scholz) have returned to the fore with a fresh and forward-thinking hybrid of future house and trance. A high-energy club smasher with a captivating, melodic lead and massive festival-ready synths, their new single, "Harmony," is without a doubt their most exciting record to date. 

As the natural follow-up to Griese and Scholz' "Give Me Something," which came out on Maddox Records, "Harmony" showcases the duo's exceptional prowess as hitmakers. Complex and meticulously crafted instrumentation creates phenomenal continuity throughout both the drop and the break, ensuring that fans and club goers are treated to a cohesive and thoroughly enlivening record hand crafted for the dance floor.

There is no doubt about the rapidly rising potential of Natixx, and "Harmony" has already garnered support from Dance Charts DE, as well as key DJs and tastemakers from all over the industry. Don’t sleep on "Harmony;" this record is going to be huge.

Stream or Download Natixx' "Harmony" from Lyonbrotherz League of Lyons today!


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