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Lyonbrotherz are back with their latest track titled ‘Liberty’ on League of Lyons

Lyonbrotherz are back once again with their latest track titled ‘Liberty’, a slower tempo EDM anthem featuring a powerful female vocal and inspirational lyrics. ‘Liberty’ starts off with dreamy, warming synths and arpeggios before getting into the main part of the track where a choppy melody line kicks in, leading up to a grand EDM style drop that shows off the intricate layers of music in the track. This Avicii inspired track is sure to be a fan favourite.

The German duo made up of Daniel and Keven Lyon have been setting their home country on fire with their productions and are now setting their sights on building their international career. Last year, Lyonbrotherz had success with releases such as ‘Sonic’, ‘Circles’ both reaching top 50 positions on the Beatport charts and ‘Le Luc’ which was used in Wildcat advertising and was supported by the legend that is Richie Hawtin.

Originally Hip Hop producers, the cousins discovered their love for EDM after attending a festival and was so inspired that they changed their career path to produce and DJ Electronic music. Daniel and Keven are ambitious and dedicated to their music and live by their motto ‘Music is our magic’. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s to come from these two in the months to come.

Liberty’ is out now on League of Lyons. Listen to it below or buy/stream it here.


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