Lyonbrotherz share their favourite EDM tracks in a powerful guestmix

Aktualisiert: Jan 17

German EDM duo made up of Daniel and Keven Lyon have been setting their home country on fire with their productions and are now turning their sights on building their international career.

Last year, Lyonbrotherz had success with releases such as ‘Sonic’, ‘Circles’ both reaching top 50 positions on the Beatport charts and ‘Le Luc’ which was used in Wildcat advertising and was supported by the legend that is Richie Hawtin.

Their exclusive T.H.E – Music Essentials guest mix is full of their favourite EDM tracks including music such as Maurice West’s ‘The Kick’, WYKO’s ‘Pull Me Down’ and ARTIN’s ‘Hydra’, among the mix The Lyonbrotherz have also featured some of their biggest hits such as ‘Space’ and ‘Sonic’.


1. Futuristic Polar Bears & Wolfpackn – Moksha (Original Mix)

2. Maurice West – The Kick (Extended Mix)

3. SWACQ – Parkour (Here We Go) (Extended Mix)

4. Scheffwell & Bastian H. – Next Level (Original Mix)

5. Lyonbrotherz X Greenskiez – Space (Original Mix)

6. Maurice West – Seven Seas (Original Mix)

7. SaberZ – Doha (Extended Mix)

8. D’Angello & Francis vs Jaxx & Vega – Victorum (Extended Mix) (feat. Le Shuuk)

9. Adrena Line, Nina Suerte – Put Your Hands Together (Original Mix)

10. BLACKPINK – DDU-DU-DDU-DU (Ezra Hazard Remix)

11. Andrew Belize & Timbo – Don’t Stop (Extended Mix)

12. Charlie Atom Rickber Serrano – System

13. Lyonbrotherz – Sonic (Original Mix)

14. STVW & VillanZ – Lean Back (Extended Mix)

15. WYKO – Pull Me Down (Original Mix)

16. TBR – Megatron (Extended Mix)

17. Declain & Elle Vee – Eyes Shut (Extended Mix)

18. ARTIN – Hydra (Extended Mix)

19. Sidney Samson & Gwise – Soldier (Extended Mix)


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