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Hitting The Floor With Lyonbrotherz


German duo made up of Daniel and Keven Lyon have been setting their home country on fire with their productions and are now setting their sights on building their international career. Last year, Lyonbrotherz had success with releases such as “Sonic” and “Circles” both reaching top 50 positions in the Beatport charts. Using their unique love of EDM and hip hop, the cousins produce songs that are bringing down the house in clubs across the globe.

Daniel, Keven, thanks for joining us today! How’s your year been going thus far? What have been a few highlight moments?

It has been going well until now! A personal highlight is that some radio stations love our song “Circles” and have been playing it out.

Can you introduce your Lyonbrotherz project to those who may not be familiar? How long have you guys been a duo, how has the project developed over time, and where are you hoping to take the project in the future?

Of course! We’ve been a duo since 2016; the project has gone well until now. We have gained a lot of fans and we’re very very thankful for that! We are in discussions at the moment with some events and we’re working on some new stuff too.

We hope to bring the Lyonbrotherz project to another level in the future! Reaching more people, showing them who we are and just making them happy.

You both come from a hip hop background in addition to dance music, so can you tell us some more about that and how it plays into your productions and DJing?

Yes that’s right. In our productions, mostly in a basic way, we try to sometimes use some things we know from the hip hop scene and mix them with EDM. However in our live sets it is more apparent, for example an EDM drop and a hip hop break. We think that is definitely our point of difference.  

Can you highlight your favorite Lyonbrotherz production to date and why it stands out?

Yes, at the moment it’s “Identity” and soon we’ll have more with the artist Greenskiez.


As cousins, we’re sure you have quite a special dynamic and we wanted to get some insight there. Daniel, what’s your favorite thing about Keven outside of the studio? What about his weirdest habit? And Keven, the same questions for Daniel.

Daniel: First, we‘re such a perfect team, we have the same thoughts and mostly no words are needed to see if anything is wrong or everything is good.

There is an outside besides the studio?? I like that we have the same thoughts and that he is there when I need him. His weirdest habit? Every time when he is trying to keep a secret from me he comes out with the worst excuses!

Keven: I think my favorite thing about Daniel outside of the studio is his steady focus on our musical goals and our fraternal friendship.

In my opinion his weirdest habit is that he’s got candy with him all the time – doesn’t matter if it’s in the car or in the bed!

You’ve got a new track called “Hit The Floor” out now. What can you tell us about that one?

We joined up with our friend and artist Greenskiez, it has a bass house/club vibe with a break that’s typical for trap music.

What else has you excited as we head towards the summer season? What are two goals that you are hoping to achieve the rest of this year?

We are working towards finishing our new good vibe summer track with a singer who is a friend of ours and we would also like to release some new festival bangers.

Connect with Lyonbrotherz: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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